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The culture of chocolate. All that’s feasible in the genre.

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The frozen fruit purees and fruit sauces of boiron come with a number of advantages. Constant availability, high quality, pure and intense fruit flavour. 

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More flavours, more joy from the world of spices. 


The ingredients of modern gastronomy. Texture products, extracts. 


The range of premium handmade sweet and salt tart shells, cones and baskets developed by the renowned pastry chef Gérard Dubois, founder of the company La Rose Noire. Hand-crafted from the finest ingredients (butter, almond powder and chocolate).


World class foie gras and lobster. 


Healthy, nutritional slow cooked stock, made with Norwegian raw material and with the help of Norway's best chefs.


Carefully selected italian vegetable creams and appetizers.


Quality dairy products from Normandy.


The wealth of traditional Spanish cuisine. Sausages, fish, artisan cheese.


The passion for chicken passes from generation to generation.   


High quality and exclusive dedication to the cut and transformation of the very finest quality red meat.


Bridor is famous for its pre-baked breads, pastries, and first and foremost for its croissants made with the noble butter of the Poitou-Charentes region. 


Italian flour at its best.


The specialist of the technical ingredients including airing, thickening, gelling ingredients and various technical sugars.


Fruit, balsamic and alcoholic pearls made with spherification.


Specialised in producing wafer cones.


Experts in premium quality wild mushrooms since 1920.

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