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The training centre serves our customers’ professional development with the support and co-operation of our suppliers.

We offer thematic courses for groups and individuals.

Courses include creative workshops. 


The food wholesaler specializes in the distribution of fresh goods, dried goods and deep-frozen goods, the main ingredients of professional gastronomy.

We also stock dairy products, breads, spices, chocolates, fruit purees, texture products, meats, produce, and other goods and products used in the kitchen or in the confectionery industry. Our products are sourced through direct channels, and reach end users via an independent distribution network. 



The master kitchen is the non-food business of T. Nagy Tamás Ltd. offering a wide range of kitchenware, accessories and tools. De Buyer, Matfer, Microplane, Revol and Deglon products make up a large proportion of the selection, besides many other essential goods. 


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