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With its centuries-long experience in processing steel, the de Buyer Company is best-known for its indestructible cookware and their uncompromised quality. 



French Matfer is a leading manufacturer of kitchen equipment, utensils, and accessories. It follows the traditions of the confectionery and hospitality industry.


Tableware and buffet

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Innovative and multifunctional machines for gelato, pastry and chocolate production.

Pastry machines - Chocolate machines



The steel expert. Renowned manufacturer of kitchen knives, filleting and peeling knives, pastry spatulas and other accessories. 





Uniforms. Sophistication, style and comfort in the kitchen. 

Uniform Catalogue - Nappage Catalogue - Size table


Belgian specialist of filling and dosing. Adequate and efficient solutions for various purposes.


Decorative display tools for the La Rose Noire tarte shells, cones and baskets.


Displays for the tools of the modern gastronomy.



Kitchen equipment since 1964. The range of products satisfies the demands of any professional kitchen: mixers, whisks, juicers, salad dryers used both in commercial and industrial kitchens.

Catalogues: Equipments 



The culture of chocolate. All that’s feasible in the genre.

Non-food catalogue

German precision measurment instruments including thermometers, refractometers, oil quality meters that even meet the standards of the pharmacy industry.



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Modern and quality ceramics from the Basque Country.


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